Residential Services

Residential Services

At Program Development Services, we provide an array of residential services to suit the level of diagnosis or cognitive level of each individual. PDS believes that everyone, regardless of the disability, should live in a stable, normalized home environment. We encourage an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, understanding and security, all of which upholds the rights of each individual and provides a sense of self-direction.

Program Development Services operates over 60 facilities in Brooklyn, several in Manhattan and The Bronx. We provide both supportive and supervised care. Half of our programs are supportive apartments with 3 or less individuals residing in them.

Program Development Services, Inc. offers a variety of residential settings to support the needs of the persons we serve. These services include:

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

Our ICF’s provide continuous active treatment, aggressive, and consistent specialized and regulatory trainings, directed toward helping our individuals function with as much self-determination and independence as possible. Our ICFs provide staffing supports for individuals with specific adaptive, medical and/or behavioral needs and includes intensive clinical and direct-care services, professionally developed and supervised activities and a variety of therapies (e.g., physical, occupational or speech) as required by the individual’s needs.

Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA)

Supervised IRA

In our IRA’s, the primary focus is on the individual and their particular needs, wishes and requirements. An IRA is a type of community residence that provides room, board and individualized service options. Supervised IRAs provide staff support and supervision for our residents.

Supportive IRA

Our Supportive IRAs are limited to 3 or fewer individuals and provide need-based supports and services for those who are living in an apartment.


Eligibility Criteria

21 years of age or older

Developmental Disability

Medicaid Eligibility

Referral Packages Include:

Current Psychological Evaluation

Current Psychological Assessment

Current Annual Medical with labs and PPD results