About Reporting Compliance Violations

About Reporting Compliance Violations

What you should know about reporting violations

It is PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC. policy, as expressed in Section 4.01: Corporate Compliance Policy, that any employee, contracted employee, or agent who witnesses, learns of, or is asked to participate in potentially non-compliant activities must report the matter immediately to his/her supervisor or to the Corporate Compliance officer.

The Corporate Compliance Policy also requires that any PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC. supervisor, officer, or director who receives information about possibly non-compliant activity must document the matter and report it to the vice president of Corporate Compliance. If the potential non- compliant activity involves the vice president of Corporate Compliance, the information must be reported immediately to the chief executive officer.

Questionable activity should be reported to the Corporate Compliance officer, by calling our Hotline 718-307-7846 or using our online form.

Upon receiving a complaint, the Corporate Compliance officer will immediately begin an investigation, while appropriately documenting both the complaint and the investigation. As appropriate, the vice president of Corporate Compliance will keep the chief executive officer and appropriate executive staff informed about the progress of the investigation.

Whistleblower Protections, Non-Intimidation and Non-Retaliation Policy

The False Claims Act provides protections for “whistleblowers” (persons who bring alleged wrong-doing to the attention of management or to outside authorities). Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers can share in the recovery of monies paid fraudulently to organizations. No director, officer, employee, intern or volunteer of PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC., its affiliates or PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC. Home Care who, in good faith, reports any action or suspected action taken by or within these entities that is illegal, fraudulent or in violation of any adopted policy will suffer intimidation into not reporting, harassment, discrimination or other retaliation or in the case of employees, adverse employment consequences.