Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation



At Program Development Services, we offer Group Day Habilitation for all individuals. Our weekday programs have all been specially designed to encourage interaction with peers, to foster a sense of self-worth and independence, and to teach basic skills. The classes include learning about money, cooking, fire safety training, volunteer experiences, and group discussion.

In addition, we offer weekly or twice-weekly outings. These popular trips can include visiting a museum, a Broadway show, the movies, restaurants, amusement parks, bowling, or shopping. Day trips such as these enable individuals with developmental disabilities to learn basic integration skills that will increase their ability to be independent and foster a sense of inclusion in the community.

We also offer job skills development twice a week, where individuals can learn about the workplace, familiarize themselves with the requirements of employment, and even earn a token “wage”. Additionally, individuals in our Day Habilitation Program work real jobs at numerous volunteer sites.


Eligibility Criteria

Developmental Disability

Medicaid Eligibility

Referral Packages Include:

Current Psychological Evaluation

Current Psychological Assessment

Current Annual Medical with labs and PPD results